Happy Jacks Maple Syrup

Learn About It

In late winter, we install roughly 13,000 taps and begin the process of harvesting pure sap right in the woods of Locke, NY.  A few weeks later, with gallons upon gallons of sap in storage, we begin the boiling process which evaporates the right amount of water from our sap until we’ve reached a rich golden brown grade A syrup. Part of why we chose to make maple syrup is the versatility that comes along with this luxorious product. 

Pure maple syrup is not only a staple on top of your pancakes and waffles. It’s a great substitute for processed sugar, and even comes along with nutritional benefits like minerals and antioxidants. Use it in equal parts in your baked goods, on sauteed vegetables, grilled meats, pour some in your smoothie or cocktail or on top of yogurt and ice cream as natural sweetener.